Welcome to How to Write a Novel, where you can hire a professional novelist for just $25 per 250-word page. Whether you only have an idea or have already written the first several chapters, your ghostwriter can create a completed, final-draft novel.

My clients’ greatest concern is that our novel writing quality will be inferior since other novel ghostwriting services charge far more. It’s true that other services do charge a whole lot more, but the quality of our writing is second to none. Our professional novel and book ghostwriters have written several works, which clients have published under their own names. At How to Write a Novel, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for price.

If you are still uncertain, rest assured that our novelists are highly communicative and will answer the phone when you call. You won’t wait more than 24 hours to receive a reply to your emails, and we usually reply instantly. Our ghostwriter communicate over the phone, through text messages, email, and instant message. We also make use of collaborative writing tools in which you can see a private, non-indexed version of the novel in progress. You can add to it, make comments, and more. This way, you always know how your novel is progressing.

Another concern that novel and book writing clients have is that even though our ghostwriting prices are quite low, $7,500, for a 300-page novel for instance, is still a substantial sum of money. This is why we now offer PayPal installments. You don’t need a PayPal account — just a major credit card or bank card. You can order as few as 10 pages at a time. Once your ghostwriter has written the first installment, you can read it and provide feedback. If you require editing, we will edit it for free and resend it to you. After you are completely satisfied with the first section of your novel, we will write the next. This way you can ensure that your novel writer for hire is meeting your expectations and the writer will not go off track and waste time writing scenes you do not want.

Since we are novel ghostwriters for hire, you will retain 100 percent of the rights to your completed novel or book. That means that you can write your name as the writer. You will keep 100 percent of any potential profit earned from its sale!

Many of the novels and books our ghostwriters have written were published and sold for a profit. That means that we have connections in the industry. As such, we will do everything in our power to help you sell and publish your completed novel or book.

Whether you have only and idea or a rough-draft novel, we have a for hire who is a professional in your genre of writing. We can write from your existing novel, start new, write a summary, create characters, provide feedback, and edit. Any or all of these options are available. Just let me know the details and if you have any questions or concerns. You can call, text message, or instant message me from this website. Just start by completing the following brief form at the following link: