Stephen King’s It

It (Spanish language ‘ that ‘) is a horror novel published in 1986 by writer American Stephen King. The story of a group of guys who are terrified by a monster evil – you called ‘ that ‘ – that is able to change shape, feeding on terror produced by their victims.
History presents staggered in two times: (1957–58) past and present (1984-85). Events occur in the community of Derry, in the State of Maine, United States. Under the city, at an unconscious level for all residents, a ruthless Monster insatiable appetite torments community since ancient times. This monster is a being from another world, able to read minds and provoke fears, which constitute its food (preferably those of children, whose fears are very simple to develop). His most common costume is a clown, called PennyWise, the dancer clown, which attracts young victims, which aterrará until death. Once slaked their appetite, sleep for nearly three decades, until it returns to awaken to feed and weary, serving an endless cycle.

Although it remains hidden and lurking on most of the time, twice with the protagonists of the story; seven guys who call themselves “the losers ‘ whose names are: William”Bill Stutterin”Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, Richie Tozier, Stan URIs.

The first meeting (in 1958) happens when preadolescent, frightened and apparently unarmed, but with a powerful ability to imagine; together by ties of friendship, gather strength to deal with that and stop their attack. To achieve this, faced it in his Lair; an old network under the city sewer. In the den, the Monster takes the form of a giant spider and is seriously injured, but manages to escape. Then the boys make a Pact: If it returns, they also do so. Eventually all except Mike, leave the village and continue with their lives. Inclusive, begin to lose the memories of his childhood.

The second encounter occurs in 1985, when are adults with apparently full lives However, have lost the power of imagination. But when the attacks children begin to occur, Mike convenes them to Derry. At the end of face their worst fears, the Group of friends will be face a final challenge, treatment: enough with that cease to live in it so that it granted a long life, full of success, fortune, and everything that might wish. Knowing that it is a deception, he faced in darker tunnels, sewers and caves of Derry, where they destroy it, although each and every one of them will have to pay a high price.

Main characters
Article principal: This (character)
That apparently originated in close to the universe, a place that in the novel called «Macrocosmosos» vacuum. Name that (if you have name) is unknown, although at various points in history, call himself «Pennywise» or «Bob Gray». Also, the real way that has never been seen. In his underground Lair, takes form of giant; spider However, his true form exists in a very distant in the physical world the same Monster called «Inane Fireworks». The form that appears more like ‘Pennywise the clown’, but may take the form of the worst fears of those attacks, why is that each one of the losers reminded differently (a mummy, a leper, dead boys, a bird, etc.).

This came to Earth in a very similar impact of an asteroid, huge cataclysm that crashed where millions of years later would raise the town of Derry. Once humans began to settle in that territory, the monster awoke, began to feed themselves and adopted a cycle of hibernation for a long period, raising approximately every 30 years. When it wakes up a big wave of violence, and another large wave of violence occurs when to sleep:

1715-1716: It awakens.
1740-1743: It awakens and three years sowing terror culminating with the disappearance of 300 settlers in the village of Derry.
1769-1770: It awakens.
1851: It awakens when a man named John Markson poisons his family, and then commits suicide.
1876-1879: That wakes up, and then returns to his hibernation, once a group of loggers were found dead near river Kenduskeag.
1904-1906: It awakens when a lumberjack called Claude Heroux kills several men in a bar with his axe. This returns to hibernation after exploded Foundry Kitchener, 108 killing; 88 were children walked instead looking for Easter eggs.
1924-1930: It awakens when a group of gangsters known as La Pandilla Bradley were shot and lynched by several citizens of Derry. Once a group of white supremacy in Derry, Northern counterpart to the Ku Klux Klan, burn a nightclub African-American Navy that returns to hibernation.
1957-1958: That wakes up after a big storm and occur several murders, the most notable being of little George Denbrough (brother of Bill). ‘Losers’ face and it is forced to prematurely Hibernate for confrontation with Bill Denbrough first ritual for us.
1984-1985: It awakens when three young homophobic attacked a young gay couple, Adrian Mellon and Don Hagarty, launching Mellon by bridge; the monster devours Mellon. This is finally destroyed by the Bill Denbrough adult in collaboration with Richie Tozier, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh and Eddie Kaspbrak second ritual for us.
In the interim between each pair of events periods, a series of disappearances and murders of children occur, which are never solved. Of the time, no one seems to remember the wave of attacks from the previous cycle. Authorities provide explanations that, regardless simple or wild that seem, people accept them; It is a Chinese scapegoat and terminating the matter. The reason for this is that of time. It has developed a sinister relationship with the town of Derry and its inhabitants. That never allows the people too call attention, to continue using it as a field of hunting. Similarly, various manifestations of the Monster have been present in each of the events that have triggered waves violent tragedies. Indeed, the power over the people is so absolute that his death, in the second ritual for us, causes a storm and flooding that will end up destroying the very center of Derry.

The natural antagonist that is La Tortuga, another old be “Macrocosm” years ago threw up our universe and possibly others. The book recounts that and La Tortuga were created by someone who called ‘ The other ‘. As a counterpart to the evil force that, the turtle is a benevolent power that made it possible for the Union ‘The losers’; It also gives strength to face the monster, although they do not know on a conscious level. It is Bill, only during the first confrontation with it, which undergoes a hallucination that can communicate with the turtle, and gathers the necessary impetus to finish with the monster. In the second match against this Bill discovers that died, turtle which you cause confusion to the point of losing the battle against this, but Richie Trozier rescues him recordandole innocence and the joy of being child.

The losers
The seven losers have been United by their unhappy lives because they are victims of the braggart Henry Bowers and his gang of thugs. Finally face it, discover together become stronger. Are the classic characters of King; plausible heroes who are with the wrong and that, although not understand, faced him.

William “Bill” Denbrough: also known as “Great Bill” and “Bill the Tartaja” because it is stuttering. His brother George was killed by that in 1957. From this tragedy, ignored by his parents and he develops a large complex of guilt. It is the most ingenious and given ‘The losers’, and is the only one which in 1958 to 1985, confronts ‘That’ in the ritual of us and then manages to destroy it. In his adult life is a world-famous writer (as the same King and many of its protagonists); In addition the devout to the group to stay together is married to an actress of cine.Es
Benjamin Ben Hanscom: for the cause of their being overweight becomes the frequent victim of Henry Bowers. In addition, suffers from the absence of her father, died in the war of Korea. He’s madly in love with Beverly Marsh, although saved his feelings for her in secret. Construction skills are very useful for ‘The losers’ done a dam where playing and a refuge where HID to be persecuted by Bowers and company. In his adult life, becomes a successful (but solo) architect. In the second match with that destroys eggs that Spider had puesto.el sees as a magic number 7, and believes that there should be another more or less in the Group of losers.
Beverly “Bev” Marsh: the only woman in the Group; in 1958, Beverly lived in poor part of Derry and had an abusive father who regularly beat her. She was in love with Bill Denbrough. Their skills with the Slingshot constitute the key point in the battle against it. Already adult, becomes a successful fashion designer, but is married to a reflex, abusive husband of his father. After the destruction of the monster, stands with Ben Hanscom.
Richard “Richie” Tozier: it’s the most fun group; member sometimes makes great jokes or personifications, and this proves to be a very powerful weapon against it. His childhood trauma is that quickly uses insults when it should not do so, and know you’re in danger if does it, but still says. In his first encounter with “It” sees one of the movies he had seen a werewolf-shaped. It is a very famous comedian in his adult life. In the final duel, surprise that continuing the rite of us, when this believed that only Bill would battle in this way.
Edward “Eddie” Kaspbrak: is member, physically, more fragile group; It is a hypochondriac and asthma (psychosomatic). Educated by a dominant mother and overbearing, since the death of his father. In their adult lives gets a business limousine, and achieved economic boon, but marries a woman very similar to his mother. When with friends, gathers enough courage to confront the danger, as it is the case in both matches with that. However, the second attack loses life fighting with the monster.
Michael “Mike” Hanlon – is the last to join ‘The losers’. Being African-American is pursued many times by Henry Bowers. After the first confrontation with that Mike is the only stays in Derry and becomes librarian. He is responsible for calling each other when the murders begin again in 1985. Her father has a photo album (including several appears where PennyWise) and cuts in journals where several important events in the history of Derry are documented. With the knowledge of Derry, and that becomes the town historian and investigates supernatural events around you. Because it was wounded severity by Henry Bowers, unable to attend the second attack against the mounstro, but in the end seen recuperandose successfully in a hospital
Stanley “Stan” Uris: known as the gallant “Stan”. It is the last to accept the existence of that, and asserts that their existence has no logic. Stan, as well as Mike, for religious reasons (is Jewish) was chased by Henry Bowers. As a child, it was a boy-scout and his hobby was to observe birds. Then adult becomes partner of a powerful firm of Accountants in Atlanta. However, suicide after the phone call that makes Mike; This makes it to not confront their fears of the past cutting veins in the bathtub, and typing “ESO” with his own blood.
Villain side

Henry Bowers: during his childhood Henry was the abuser of the school. He is described as a dangerous deranged. Of the novel is losing more and more his sanity, being manipulated by this to kill ‘The losers’. Henry and his gang chase «The losers» by the sewers, where the monster manifests before them. «The losers» oblige the monster to retire, Henry, confesses guilty of the murders of children and is locked in the Madhouse – Juniper Hill prison. Years later that instructs Henry murdering their old enemies; then escapes from the asylum and meets with Mike, qiuen injures severity. It is finally killed by Eddie.

Victor Criss: is inseparable from Henry Bowers friend, dies when it, in the shape of the Frankenstein monster starts the head.

Reginald “eructo” Huggins: one of the friends of Henry Bowers is also killed by the monster in the sewers.

Patrick Hockstteter: UN chico psychopath like torturing and killing animals. When he was five killed his brother in the cradle. He believes that it is the only “real” being “imaginary” others. Occasionally livery with Bowers and his gang. Killed by the monster, which attacks it in form of carnivorous leech.

Oscar best Bowers: Henry, father is a drunk veteran of the Battle of Iwo Jima. Referred to as a lunatic who blames to all their problems (reason for hatred by Mike Henry) Will Hanlon (father of Mike). His son Henry it kills of Chase gift that «the losers’, with a razor.

Alvin Marsh: is the stepfather of Beverly, a worker man low class. Bipolar which hits his daughter for any reason, especially if it’s something related to sexuality is a man. It is manipulated by it, playing with their fears, forced almost raping the girl.

Tom Rogan: is abusive husband Beverly Marsh (the father of Bev reflex), Derry who manipulated by it, comes with a great rage and jealousy against Bill Denbrough and Beverly, seeking to kill them. Finally Tom captures Audra Denbrough (Bill’s wife) and takes her to the Lair that; Tom dies instantly to see this giant spider and be exposed to their ‘lights of death’, while Audra becomes catatonic state. Its name can be a reference to Thomas Rogan, The House of the Dead video game character.

Article principal: It (film)
A three hours and 13 minutes, movie directed by Tommy Lee Wallace was released in 1990 and featuring Tim Curry as PennyWise. This version omitted details of explicit, sexuality, violence and gore that was intended for the television audience.
This article or section contains or is linked with a future film production or in development.
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According to a report of Variety in March 2009, the Warner Bros. had prepared a new film version of the novel, in co-production with Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment. Timeline of such adaptation moved to the period between the 1980s and today, to cover the fateful period of twenty years. In addition, this version would be “very attached” to the original story, and it would be “C” or “restricted” classification. The script will be borne by Dave Kajganich, although not yet nor director and cast. It seems that Tim Curry not repeat like PennyWise.
Relationship with other works of King
The concept of “Macrocosm” is similar to those established later in the series of “the Dark Tower”.
The population of Derry as other fictional locations close to the city of Bangor (Maine), are reflected in other King novels.
One of the survivors of the African-American club, Dick Halloran, fire appears as the chef of the hotel Overlook the novel “the shining”.
Steven “Bishoff” Dubay, one of the boys who attacked Adrian Mellon, is sent to Shawshank State prison. This prison is also contained in “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption”.
PennyWise the clown appears briefly in the novel “the Tommyknockers”, specifically when one of the characters (Tommy) traverses Derry City car: being under the influence of a hallucinogenic gas, believes that only is the product of his imagination. In addition, while Ev Hillman found in Derry, says listen from laughter drainage.
Novel “Dreamcatcher”, there is an explicit reference on PennyWise and his life in the second match. One of the protagonists of the book, Gary Jones, who is mentally manipulated by an entity of another planet (whom they call “Mr. Bob Gray”), reaches the intention of spreading a dangerous virus deposit Tower. Surprise is capitalized when instead of the Tower, is a plaque in tribute to the fallen in that event, signed on behalf of «the losers: Bill, Ben, Bev, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan ‘; and a graffiti covering their names, which reads a chilling PennyWise lives.
The “bag of bones” novel, mentions that: «…»«It is even possible that there is one of the famous creatures from beyond the universe of William Denbrough, hidden under the porch and looking at how I approached with his eyes bright and surrounded by pus» (it’s the same description da King when Eddie and Bill encounter with the monster). In addition, the protagonist, Michael Noonan, originates in Derry.
Novel “Cell”, when Clay sees a man attacking a dog, believes that they would consider it loco and encerrarían it manicomio Juniper Hill, the same which is confined Henry Bowers.
In the novel “Insomnia”, librarian Mike Hanlon is the head of the Helen Deepneau character. In addition, makes reference to the “mystical nature” Derry, homicides, and the great flood of 1985.
In the novel, Henry Bowers is collected by the ghost of burp in a Plymouth fury model 1958 red and white, the same car in the novel “Christine”. In addition, Henry said that it was the car that his father had always wanted to have (his father was called Butch, just like the owner of Christine in the novel).
Patrick Hockstetter, the evil guy psychopath name also appears in the “eyes of fire” in this case as a scientist middle-aged; novel given that Patrick is devoured by that, is another person: is an own King tribute to some of his characters. Similarly, a robot named Bill Tartaja appears in the final volume in the series of “the Dark Tower”.
Short story “The man who did not want to shake hands” the protagonist so rare Mania is called Henry Bower.
The Blaze novel (under the pseudonym Richard Bachman) referenced in Maine fire in the forest when Blaze goes with the baby and tries to hide in the snow.
Publishers Weekly ranked IT (ESO) as the best-selling book of the year 1986.
From the publication of the novel, an American punk band was named PennyWise.
Some scenes from the novel skipped in the movie include:
-In 1958, after injuring that, ‘The losers’ are lost in the sewers. Beverly is thought to cause disunity, decides to give her virginity to all them.
-Patrick Hockstteter has a mutual masturbation with Henry Bowers session, but when asked to have oral sex, Bowers refuses, threatening to reveal his secret: who likes to torture animals and saves the corpses in a refrigerator.
-The harassment of the young couple gay that marks the beginning of the wave of killings in 1984.

One of the protagonists in the movie, the young actor Jonathan Brandis, is suicide in November 2003.
In the TV movie, apart from the role that, Tim Curry played also boss Richie Tozier.
Series Argentine Alexius and Valentina parodies a Beverly Marsh scene in episode lunching with Carlitox